Choosing A REALTOR®

Among the approximately 52,000 real estate sales representatives in the Greater Toronto Area. How do you choose the best one for you?

As with all major decisions in life, there must be a positive personal connection. There must be trust, confidence, honesty, openness and ease of working together. We will spend a lot of time together during a stressful time. Your choice of REALTOR® is crucial to making the difference and achieving your goals.

Your REALTOR® must be knowledgeable about the process, recommend most fruitful options, be a skilled negotiator, and be there for you even after closing.

Please have a look at the testimonials included earlier in the website.

The best way to determine the best REALTOR® for you is to meet them. Please contact me for a meeting. Let’s see how we mesh!


Why Work With A REALTOR®?


Real estate transactions are among the largest financial and complex actions that you will undertake. It is important to have an educated, experienced, dedicated, high quality professional working for you. We live in an age of do it yourself, however you need to be astute when deciding whether to purchase with a professional providing full service or do it yourself. Consider that I am committed to being your educator, researcher, advisor, counselor, protector, negotiator and go to person. I ensure that your full service representation will produce the best possible results.