Find A REALTOR® That Is Right For You

Find a REALTOR® that is right for you

You know how much money you have, and you have a good idea of what you want. Now you need the help of a real professional, to make your search a success.

REALTORS®. Highly trained, and continually training.
In Canada, licenced REALTORS® are members of their local real estate board, a provincial association and The Canadian Real Estate Association. This system of membership ensures the highest level of service and that you are always treated with honesty and integrity. In Ontario, the Real Estate Counsil of Ontario is the Administrative Authority responsible for the administration of the Real Estare & Business Brokers Act 2002. Within the Act is found the Code of Ethics for REALTORS®. REALTOR’s must also adhere to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice.